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Email Templates Tutorial

Composing an Email

You have a couple of choices when you need to send an email. The easiest was is to click on and email address in your contacts or on a web site to get prompted with a list of installed email clients. Once you select email templates you will get a list of active templates to select from. After you select your template you'll be prompted again to select the client you'll be sending your email with. After this you'll have a chance to make any modifications you need before sending the email so you can personalize it.

Select Client Select Template Select Client Compose

Replying to an Email

Using the K-9 email client you can reply to an email using the Share feature. Here are the steps to share an email with Email Templates.

  • While viewing an existing email
  • Select your "Menu" key
  • Select "More"
  • Select Share
  • Select Email Templates from the list of applications

Replying to an Email (part 2)

Starting with 1.1.0 you can enable the Quickboard. Drag the notification bar down to open the Quickboard. After selecting the email template you wish to use, the body and signature are placed on your clipboard so you can paste them into your response.

  • Drag the notifcation bar down
  • Select the Quickboard
  • Select the Email Template
  • Paste your response into your client
  • Make any required changes and send

Notification Bar Quickboard Quickboard Clipboard